Roses and Daffodils


They sent her by, into a room of isolation

Where a small basket lies at the center

‘Roses and Daffodils,’ was all they said when they freed she

So it was only the little girl and the basket, for company


The small basket seemed towering as she approached the center

She put her hand inside it and she had to shiver,

The contrasting textures of the flowers exploded under her little palm

She felt, then reached for thorns and had to calm


She steadied herself though her heart badly needed tame

The little girl sighed, then trembled when

Someone whispered her name

Or is it something?  For she heard it again


She begged for help, but the cries merely echoed back

She stopped, for the Whisperers suppressed their attack

For her vulnerability inside the room, she’s wildly aware

No matter now, for suddenly, she slumped down there.


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