Comme ci,  comme ça (Like this, Like that)

We always walk like this:
His arms around my waist,
My hands clasping his right hands.

We hasten our footsteps,
We can’t wait!
My body badly wants to wrap itself around his.

I giggle as he kisses my neck while we’re walking
I love his virility;
I love his scent, too
He too, can’t wait.

And then a voice calls my name;
I curse.

He looks at me, agitated.
Of course he knew;

I feel shame
I want to slap her.
But I also feel thrilled
She’s here?

Rosanna approaches us closer;
He moves slightly away.
I’m not so sure now.
Which body should I run to?

Rosanna just looks at me,
Only me, intently.

“Fuck,” he says.
He looks at Rosanna.
He shakes his head;
I want to slap him.

I run to Rosanna…
Tears spill out inadvertently
She just moves me away,
Away, away, away.

She has always wanted to walk with me like this:
Her arms around my waist,
My hands clasping her right hand.

Our footsteps are gentle,
I can’t wait!
I love her muliebrity;
I love her scent, too
She too, can’t wait.

I halt as she says my name;
I look at her,
I kiss her.


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