Day #2: Something I Feel Strongly About

I don’t even know where to start here. I want to rant about a lot of things from gender inequality, women, rape, patriarchy, social hierarchy, STS, terrorism, Trump, extrajudicial killings, Death Penalty, china, Lumads, Philippine massacres, farmers, racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, to no work, no pay, etc. etc. But I don’t want to summarize all my views about these topics now, in this post. I just feel strongly about these aforementioned topics that each issue deserves at least one post at a time.

Since it’s all over the local news today and this week, I’ll just talk about the victory of the Philippines against China over the disputed South China Sea, or more appropriately, the West Philippine Sea. I’m obviously no expert on this so I’m just going to chatter about this on a very superficial level. According to an international tribunal’s verdict, China’s claims to most of the waterway had no legal basis. The Philippines is victorious! At last, our country takes back what is rightfully ours! Our fishermen can claim back their stolen livelihood…or not. Did we actually win this battle? On paper, yes, but China is incredibly stubborn. Apparently, China’s foreign ministry considered the decision “null and void” and carried on insisting that their historical rights for claiming sovereignty is valid, although the tribunal has already rejected it. I found this very cringe-worthy. Right after the decision came out, our Filipino fishermen were consequently extremely happy about the ‘good’ news, but then there’s this follow-up: China does not give a fuck about the evenhanded verdict.

I can’t understand why China would not let our fishermen to cross their our seas, even before the decision came out. Yes, they have a historical ‘claim’, but so has the Philippines. Do they even have the right to shove away our fishermen? Do they even have a right to injure and kill our fishermen just to blatantly flaunt that that territory is ‘theirs’? I don’t think so. But they have military power that the Philippines doesn’t have, that’s why we cower in fear.

I just feel so sad for the Filipino fishermen and their families along the West Philippine Sea whose only source of income is fishing, and I’m pissed off at the Chinese people who’s got something to do with that false and greedy claim. I think sharing the territory is quite possible, but since these Chinese people are so power and resource-hungry, of course they won’t let that happen. They’ll kill and injure every fishermen who cross ‘their boundaries’ first, before that happens. I doubt that they would even surrender their claim. They’re that hungry. But, our fishermen our hungrier, thus we really have to win this fight.

It’s a shame that all I can do now is just cry and rant about it. Most of us can’t do something about it, really, but along our doubts and babbles are high hopes. I’m really hoping that our newly elected Pres. Rodrigo Duterte can also lead his people to carry out a just change about this issue, for the sake of the Filipino fishermen and their families who are the most gravely affected by this dispute.


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