Shangri-La Pila & Armi (of UDD) Was One Arm Away

Sobrang hangover pa rin ako kahapon. :(( Di pa rin ako makapaniwala na abot kamay ko na kagabi si Armi (vocalist ng Up Dharma Down) Di ko sure yung spelling. lol. Pero yaaah. Rak. Sulit ang 2 hours na pagpila namin ng friend ko. Sobrang worth it. And the best thing is, we watched for free, in celebration of the 10th International Silent Film Festival. Bale, may mga foreign silent films silang isho-show, tapos may mga tutugtog na distinguished artists in the background, para magfill ng music sa film. It’s a four-day event, pero yung inattendan lang namin ay yung kahapon nga (Sunday) dahil nandun ang UDD at dahil talaga yun lang yung free day namin.

Ito yung mga silent films na shinow kahapon along with the artists who scored the silent films
1. France – Leg of Lam, Le Pied de Mouton (1907), Le Petit Poucet (1922) :Felipe Latonio, Jr.
2. Austria – Der Balletterzherzog (1927): Basti Artadi
3. Germany – Der Letzte Mann: Up Dharma Down

Yung French and German silent films lang yung napuntahan namin (at narinig). At sobrang astig! Though may mga instances na nag-zozone-out ako while watching the film kasi mas lutang yung gorgeousness ng music. As in, astig. Kung pwede lang talaga makinig sa kanila maghapon. Ayoko ko na ngang umalis sa theater nun ee. Tapos hanggang ngayon, may mga tunes pa rin akong naririnig sa ulo ko na galing sa mga napakinggan ko kagabi.



Ang pinakamagical moment kagabi ay yung napa-jam ng wala sa oras ang UDD dahil naghiyawan na kaming fans after tumugtog ng UDD for the film. Nirerequest namin na sana tumugtog sila. “Moooore!” “Lunaaaa!” “Indaaak!”

Tinugtog nila yung Luna, in the end. Sobrang haaaay. Tas nagsilapitan kami sa harap ng stage para lang makita silang tumugtog closely. Nagrequest pa kami ng isa pang song, pero nag-sorry na si Armi na yun na lang daw talaga. Di mo rin masisisi yung band kasi 1 h 30 more ata nilang ini-score yung film. Nakakangawit yun tapos masakit sa kamay haha. Sobrang ganda nila pakinggan, live. Ang unique ngΒ tunog ng banda nila, at ang sarap sa tainga.Β Very soulful and flawless.

Nakita ko to sa Instagram ni Armi. Inistalk ko siya habang sinusulat ko tong blog post na to. haha. May pinost siyang video and photo along with these captions.

armimillare: This was taken after the film screening. The crowd went to the very front and requested a song – of course we gave in!! Thank you for your time and patience! Its been a crazy week for us, let alone this project we really worked so hard on. It was lovely seeing you all. Thank you @goetheinstitut_philippinen for the opportunity and congratulations to all the organizers of the 10th Silent Film Festival and @shangrilaplazaofficial @sekitma. Cheers! 🍻

armimillare: Nothing makes a band’s collective heart melt than when people ask for more. Hehe! Buddha bless you all. πŸ“Έ @ternoman @ternorecordings #aboutlastnacht #silentfilmfestmanila #theatregigbigla #buddhabody #buddhagirl #buddhaforanacht


Si Armi lang napicturan ko nang matino kasi ang dilim na ng kuha ko sa ibang band members. Hoping that I’ll hear and see them again live, soon. At sana makapagpapicture na kami with anyone from the band! haha.



We are most lovely when we forget to pretend

This is a post by jedidiahjenkins in Instagram. This is so beautiful. Please do take time to read. I promise that it will truly be a gratifying experience.

“Everybody is walking around, computing. A hundred fast-fingered accountants are scrambling over glances from boys, girls, tone, touch, word choice, pulling references from the files to charm and impress…

It seems to me though, I’ll never be charming if I care whether or not I’m being charming. I have to stop caring. Real charm seems to come from interest in another person. Or a subject. Or a thought. It comes from firing the accountants and filing their seats with doe-eyed students.

How funny is the universe. She hides so much truth in round-about ways. She says ‘you can be yourself, your full self, but only after you forget about yourself all together. Be an empty glass, thirsty, let me pour in the world, and then you’ll be bigger than you ever imagined. Who you think you’re supposed to be is such a sad imitation of the plan.

Don’t we love our friends the most when they are lost in a moment, when control is gone? Cackling out of control, cheering out of their seats, crying at a Christmas commercial, sleeping too innocently for their foul mouth in the backseat on a roadtrip. We are most lovely when we forget to pretend.”

#3: A Book I Love

This should not just be singular. This should be freaking plural, because I can’t choose a single damn book. There’s lots that I loved. I’m gonna break the rules again, because I’m making a list of books that I loved. I haven’t been reading novels lately. I’ve read a lot of good ones in the past, and those books gave me enough insights about some great and nasty that I’m becoming picky about what’s really worthy to read. I read non-fiction, lately. By ‘non-fiction’ I mean the required academic books that we’re supposed to read for our GEs and majors. I haven’t been reading multiple pages for pleasure lately. So here’s the list.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
2. Looking for Alaska – John Green
3. Ang Alamat ng Gubat – Bob Ong
4. Paper Towns – John Green
5. Animal Farm – George Orwell
6. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde
7. Saving Francesca – Melina Marchetta
8. Please Ignore Vera Dietz – AS King
9. The Harry Potter Series – JK Rowling
10. Two Boys Kissing – David Levithan
11. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

12. Inferno – Dante Aliegheri

Means and Ends

“The purpose of a fish trap
Is to catch fish,
And when the fish are caught
The trap is forgotten.

The purpose of words
is to convey ideas.
When the ideas are grasped
The words are forgotten.

Where can I find a man
Who has forgotten words?
He is the one I would like to talk to.”
– Chuang Tzu