We are most lovely when we forget to pretend

This is a post by jedidiahjenkins in Instagram. This is so beautiful. Please do take time to read. I promise that it will truly be a gratifying experience.

“Everybody is walking around, computing. A hundred fast-fingered accountants are scrambling over glances from boys, girls, tone, touch, word choice, pulling references from the files to charm and impress…

It seems to me though, I’ll never be charming if I care whether or not I’m being charming. I have to stop caring. Real charm seems to come from interest in another person. Or a subject. Or a thought. It comes from firing the accountants and filing their seats with doe-eyed students.

How funny is the universe. She hides so much truth in round-about ways. She says ‘you can be yourself, your full self, but only after you forget about yourself all together. Be an empty glass, thirsty, let me pour in the world, and then you’ll be bigger than you ever imagined. Who you think you’re supposed to be is such a sad imitation of the plan.

Don’t we love our friends the most when they are lost in a moment, when control is gone? Cackling out of control, cheering out of their seats, crying at a Christmas commercial, sleeping too innocently for their foul mouth in the backseat on a roadtrip. We are most lovely when we forget to pretend.”


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