to kuya

you wrap your arms around me as I bring my confused heart to your enligthened soul
“i have a problem,” i told you
and you said “sure.
meet me at this place at this time”
i knew you could help me
because you help me at everything that I believe I don’t know and can’t control

you told me to break everything down
and then i told you what i can
but not everything
i’m not one who tells everything
i told you just what bothered me in general terms
you backchanneled
you listened
and told me your story

i trust you
and i can’t tell you enough how grateful i was to hear you
and how i am comforted with listening to your voice.
thank you for being honest to me,
and for being a friend
just when i’m starting to think that this place is already crammed with insincerity.
thank you. thank you.
you told me that i say “thank you” so much
but you deserve that for what you offer so much to the world


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  1. Jessica Maaya says:

    Hi! I nominted you on Mystery Blog Award! I hope you’ll have fun answering the questions as much as I did.

    Liked by 1 person

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