Baby, tomorrow is the 10th

img_20170115_223539_029I’ll wait for you until you whisper my name again
Until you tease the small of my back like you always did when you’re all around me
Until I feel your breath on my neck
Until your fingers play with me everywhere
Until your foot kisses mine.

I need to know that you’re still there when I open my eyes because tomorrow would be the 10th, the first day that we met —
that first day back in that lonely, little waiting room
when we were both anticipating for something to start
but we didn’ t meant this to happen.
Our loves were dying but nobody’s there to wrap us in their arms.
So, we took comfort in our shared grief instead
We held hands and that familiar force zapped between us
I never thought that I would miss that tiny spark that’ve eluded me for so long.

But now I’m back in that lonely, little waiting room
Just like that, after 3 long summers, I’m here again
Weeping, and staggering back and forth our favorite room
but I chose to lie down with you in the end instead.

My love is dying.
But I have to let him know that just like before,
I’m here to fill the void
I’m here to wrap him eternally around my arms.

Photo source: Art is a way of survival


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