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​I fell in love with Maude the first time I’ve heard them on YouTube.

 It was serendipity. I was listening to Sud’s Sila on repeat but I accidentally pushed the ‘next’ button because I’m so sabaw and I don’t know what I’m doing (I’m doing an acads-related paper back then and I’m shifting from one tab to another and I’m doing escapist things). And then suddenly, a beautiful song fills my ears. It was the song, “Habol.”

I was immediately in love, particularly with the song’s main guitar riff. And so just like that, it replaced Sud’s Sila as my acads inspiration song. Maude’s Habol stayed with me longer, perhaps it’s because I’m too bitter and “halaman” to appreciate Sila’s joyous and lovely mood properly.

I loved that song because it uplifts my mood a little rather than annoy. But, Habol is just so genuine and just gorgeous. There’s something about the music that brings the lyrics a little more honesty.

Here’s the music video of the song, Habol by Maude:


Muling nabuklat ang kalungkutan mo.

Gaya ng librong may sagot sa tanong na
“Manatili o lumayo?”
Bakit hindi ka parin matalino?

Araw araw, pagkagising, tulala.
Bago matulog, umiiyak.

Tama bang manghabol sa tanging tao na
Kaya kang saktan?

Kung ito ay krimen, lahat tayo kulong.
Inalok, tumikim, nalulong, umiyak.
Kumapit sa pamilya bigla,
Sadyang walang saklolo sa pusong bulag.

Ano ka? Gamu-gamo?
Alam nang masakit, lapit pa ng lapit.

Tama bang manghabol sa tanging tao na
Kaya kang saktan?
Ang hilig kasi manghabol sa tanging tao
Na kaya kang saktan.

Tama bang manghabol sa tanging tao na
Kaya kang saktan?
Ang nag-iisang taong may alam kung paano
Ka saktan ay siya ring nag-iisang tao na
Hindi mo makayang iwan.

Itulog mo na yan.

And if you haven’t heard it yet (you probably have), here’s Sila by Sud:

I’m so happy that I’ve discovered these two bands (Maude & Sud). Now I have found a new set of artists to follow locally, other than Up Dharma Down and Bullet Dumas. Maude reminds me of Eraserheads’ lyricism and I like Sud’s instrumental diveristy. 

I personally like Maude more because of Luis Azcona’s sweet and clean vocals.

Whenever I listen to their records, I suddenly just want to do something and just FEEL. I suddenly would want to hug or punch someone while walking along Gateway at 9 PM. I would want to throw and break fragile things and then fix them afterwards, or maybe lie on Sunken Garden to watch the glittering, lonely stars. And most importantly, their records inspire me to, surprisingly, just sit down and study. Their songs make me want to escape and face reality at the same time.

Maybe I’m attracted to them mostly because the genre of their music is somewhere between pop and indie rock which is my kind of hybrid genre. But what makes me stay with this band is how their music and the lyrics flawlessly fit together. Please do listen to them.

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  1. sapritil says:

    I have to commend you for bringing this into writing. I know you want to emphasize how vibrant the OPM industry. But in the same way, we expect to have challenges in maintaining this momentum by local bands. Especially, there are still an increasing number of local artist (especially the mainstream) who pursue covers rather than writing their own songs. I’m personally disappointed with Boyce Avenue with their series of covers and versions, because it influenced our local artist (the “er” tone/Norah Jones style – acoustic). Although, we should give the credit too for their own original composition, and bringing new flavors to music by other artist.

    Nakita ko kasi sa Dulaang UP ‘yung babae sa music video ng Sila. Taga-Diliman din pala siya. Ano’ng deparmento mo pala sa Diliman? Salamat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sapritil says:

      Ngayon ko lang nabasa sa English Stud ka pala. CSSP din ako. Sosyo naman πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Angel says:

      Thank you very much po! 😁


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