Don’t you?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
To pull the trigger when you and I knew that it’s not yet over?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
To weep for someone who has been hurting you whenever?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
To make vows with someone when you knew that you and I should be together?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
To give your body to someone when you know that I’m better?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
Don’t you?

Don’t you think that it’s wrong?
To love someone so much, but he can’t seem to remember?


Hey, friend

I see that you’re crying over him again
Have you ever looked at yourself, for once?
I know you do,
But don’t you think that you’ve been crying too much?
And that it’s time to say goodbye to the memories that he left?

You’ve been happy with him,
And you’ve always believed that he does, too
He was happy, too, believe me.
Everything you believed just seemed wrong when you’re sad, because he left.

It’s time, you know?

To that

What, really, have I been looking for? I’ve been searching, and searching, but none of what I wanted has been constant. I would want one thing, or one person, pursue them for days, even up to a year, think of them over and over again, finding ways on how I can get them, and mulling over if I ever would, or should I stop or not. But then, I would change my mind, because thinking of them has been a burden. Why would one keep something in her head if it doesn’t work? Or if she has been waiting, and wanting for it for a long time, but no signs lead to that place that she has been longing to go to for a long time? That thing that she has always wanted to own? And so, I change my mind, in the hopes that these things and people that I’m pursuing would lead me somewhere. It probably would not, but what would I lose in believing?