To that

What, really, have I been looking for? I’ve been searching, and searching, but none of what I wanted has been constant. I would want one thing, or one person, pursue them for days, even up to a year, think of them over and over again, finding ways on how I can get them, and mulling over if I ever would, or should I stop or not. But then, I would change my mind, because thinking of them has been a burden. Why would one keep something in her head if it doesn’t work? Or if she has been waiting, and wanting for it for a long time, but no signs lead to that place that she has been longing to go to for a long time? That thing that she has always wanted to own? And so, I change my mind, in the hopes that these things and people that I’m pursuing would lead me somewhere. It probably would not, but what would I lose in believing?


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